Interior Design on a Shoestring Budget

I’m On a Budget – How Can Interior Design Work For Me?

Not all of us have the financial means to kit our homes out exactly to our dream specifications; we have to make comprises and sometimes count corners in order to make the most of living spaces. However, there are some key tips to follow if you want to use interior design effectively, whilst keeping to a strict budget.Interior designers in London and interior design in London is based on prestige and appearance, but you can add a touch of class to you living areas by following the tips below.

(1) Adding a lick of paint to your walls: Keeping walls fresh and lively is really important for the upkeep of your property, and although some of us put decorating off, carefully selecting a colour will really bring out character within a room. One tin of paint can go a long way and may cost you £20 plus, but its a good investment, especially if you are focusing on a feature wall.An interior designer in London would choose a colour that brightens up a living area, not a colour that dampens the mood.

(2)Redecorating old furniture: People often buy new, but even the top interior designers (interior designers in London) use older pieces of furniture and spruce them up, thus breathing new life into them. You may have to search some charity shops or pick up a second hand bargain, but a sand down, a lick of paint and some focused time will see a dilapidated piece of furniture change into a bespoke piece you can house anywhere.

(3) Updating your pillows: Fore-fronted by interior design in London, this idea is simple, but so, so effective. Using pillow colours that complement the style of your living spaces is very important, as it speaks of a clean, tidy and refreshed home. Obviously pillows can be purchased from any good retailer, but finding the right pillow/s is paramount. As an interior designer in London (, you would choose the right furniture for the living space, and in addition to this, you would accessorize a room in the ilk of the style the customer is going for – this can also be accomplished in a normal living space.


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