Words, criteria and questions to ask yourself during the journey of search engine optimisation especially in seo uk

1. Quality- Are the web pages well written and have enough quality content?
The quality of the data given in the pages should be of a high calibre to ensure that the viewer will be prompted to come back. The quality should also be good for the search engine to pick up keywords and the various wording methods used while searching for the keywords on the search engine. seo uk is a good way to know how to do this
2. Research- are the keywords researched enough so that people may be able to find them
One should examine the various keywords according to a format that the search engine user can use while researching the subject

3. Words- do your pages use the words that the user might be able to use.
therefore, this means that the wording should be simple, straightforward and direct to the point and relevant to the topic selected
4. Fresh topics- are your topics up to date
The choice of themes and wording should be of interest to the current standards to make it as up to date as possible.
5. Answers- does your content have responses to the search queries posed
The key to correct search engine optimisation e.g seo uk, is in having answers to the queries in the search results text box once you are done searching the query.
6. Crawl- can your search engine quickly crawl other pages on site and the internet
7. Mobile phone- can your site be viewed easily on mobile devices
In this era of cell phones, one should optimise HTML tags for mobile viewing and application indexing
8. Speed
The site should load fast whether in low bandwidth or high.
9. Security
You should utilise HTTPS to secure the connection for the visitors of the sites.
10. User engagement
Users should have provision to more useful content that makes them stay on the page more and go to more pages on the site.